(Sing in Katy Perry Voice) LAST FRIDAY NIGHT

Ok let me start by saying...Holy Game of Thrones.  I shot up at about 4am this morning and remembered all over again that Robb Stark is dead. I then slipped in and out of a state of depression and anxiety until my alarm went off. Like...NO. RIP to the most attractive character on the show...

Hopefully this new tart will help me through this tough road ahead.

Let me pull myself back together...ugh. Ok so this weekend was fab as predicted. Friday night we kicked it off at Bethany and Clint's house for some grilling and giggles. That little puffin Mabel even made an appearance, proving Parnell's point that babies go out more often than I do.

 After Aggiefest 2013, I headed to yet ANOTHER gathering (I KNOW...CRA).  Todd proposed to Courtney (EEK!!!!!) Friday and had a party afterwards for all of their friends to congratulate them and get all creepy on her bling #goodjobtodd.

I mean I hope they felt the love and super pop because it was out of control packed on the entire second level of The Londoner. This establishment already ranks low on my best A/C units of Dallas so... #swassanddrinkswereflowing.

My night ended like this...

Judge away.

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