SWASSTASTIC matter what you did last night your night was better than mine...congratulations. I was at a work event when I received an email from Parnell.  He started all fun and games style "hey babe" and it quickly escalated into "our A/C is out." COME AGAIN? Ummm yes...A/C an already hotter than most JUNE. Needless to say, I wasn't in the hugest hurry to get home after work and may have stopped by Central Market (I'm telling 4 times a week) for my favorite bottle of white CHILLED.

I spent the rest of my evening obviously complaining, swassing, and attempting to watch So You Think You Can Dance announce their top 20 while the A/C repair man chatted P and interrupted my TV time.  I remembered about 10 minutes into being home that I had offered to pick up dinner for us while I was at Central Market and forgot...but made it out with my wine #priorities.  I made it up to Parnell by cooking ordering za from Lovers Pizza #sideofranch. 

I literally took my first bite of za and it was time to find out Megan Branch's fate.

I was nervous because they had not featured her this audition process but I knew she was there because I am creepy like that and had seen glimpses of her ok. She got to this same point last year and they cut her...and then they had the nerve to do it again this year.  I CAN'T. I literally was PISSED.  I couldn't even finish my pizza/I had three slices after I calmed down and only stopped because there was no ranch left BUT STILL. I am livid...I am possibly boycotting the season...I won't really do that but it felt good to type it.


I then drowned my sorrows in youtube watching, going back to LoFro's season with the opener "Fame" and I felt a liiiiiiiittle better ok.

I hope everyone had a lovely air conditioned evening.

Happy hump day!

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