Welp...another great weekend has come and gone.  We had such a great time visiting San Antonio for Russ and Emily's wedding weekend. 

We didn't head out of town until about 6:00 on Friday due to work schedules and car trouble (Parnell fail).  Once we were on the road, Diaz and I tried to engage the boys in conversation and in return got "can yall start watching a movie?"  We watched like AN episode of Friends and gave up...we both got car sickness ok. We then decided to stop and have a super leisurely dinner at Chili's. I may have had a few glasses of wine and was ready to get dug in and nap in the back seat for the remainder of the ride.  We pulled into SA before midnight and chatted Yantis (char for staying up for us) before heading off to bed. 

In the morning, after Yantis and I had talked ourselves out of a work out, Diaz swooped in and pressured us.  We were going to do Danielle's run/walk pregnancy work out because she like...hasn't gained weight (I CAN'T) but instead Diaz got all I'm so thin and running is so fun on us and like never told us it was time to walk.

After continuing to drip sweat and swass all over the Yantis' beautiful home, it was pool time...with champagne...deh.  I wish I got a picture of my most awkward chest burn ever.  Reallyyyyyy eliminated a few if my dress options for the evening ok.  Sometimes that convenient spray sunscreen is not your friend. 

After the staff at the AtYantis Resort aka Lindsey's parents picked up some sammies from a bakery that I could consume daily, it was time to get ready/take a power nap in the shower...yes...I do should try it. Before we headed out the door, Diaz broke her shoe and everyone was on high alert to fix it because the child only brought one shoe option #rookiemistake. 

I will leave you with a few snaps of the crew en route to the wedding...I'll be back this week with pictures from Emily's gorg event! 

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