Hi kids! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine started off by Parnell and I trying this new restaurant...drum roll...

Has anyone tried this place?
(sarcasm font)
We hadn't been in a solid two weeks so I KNEW P would be itching for popcorn chicken in his face.  I haven't really read the menu in like a year but was feeling CRAZY and took a look.  Upon inspection, I found fried cheese for Parnell...BOOM.

Not gross.

We passed on butter cake and called it a night (pat on back). When we got home I begged P to rent Gangster Squad and watch it with me...I remember Ryan Gosling's face on the screen for about 2 minutes before I passed out...Friday's are tough yall.

I woke up Saturday and actually went to Boot Camp #getitgirl...followed by a high calorie lunch at R&D with Parnell and his other half Mitch oh aaaaaand a ticket for an expired inspection months expired...PARNELL'S FAULT.  He needs to point these things out ok. From there we hit up an estate sale...yes...

Mitch does not mess around ok...look at that concentration.  He scored some records of people I haven't really heard of that looked super old for $2 each and was thrilled so I let him have his moment ok.

From there we attended Claire Bryan's first birthday (with pinot grigio...good parents) and then wrapped up the evening on a three way date at Cane Rosso. SO romantical.

Sunday was all about Carebear, well...and I had to fit in a trip to Ikea.  I'm sorry...Ikea is hilarious.

I then ventured home for burgers instead of spaghetti by the pool BUT STILL. Oh...and ice cream was hot outside we HAD to.

I will be watching True Blood tonight because I fell asleep last night (GASP) I knowwwwwww. 

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