Hi there kids-happy Friday!
I am recovering from a SUPER crazy evening of dips for dinner, laundry (even did Parnell's...I KNOW), and Dance Moms.  It was so strenuous that I had to sleep in and grab a Starbucks.

Parnell and I have somewhat of a "quiet" weekend and I like CAN'T wait. Tonight we are going to grab dinner somewhere...The Porch MAY have been thrown out (I'm tellingggggg you).  I told Parnell we should like switch it up every once in a while to which he replied "ok where?" and then we sat on the phone in silence for a bit.

I am then attempting to make it to boot camp Saturday morning.  I feel like if I type it then I need to go right?  We will be attending Claire Bryan's first birthday party that afternoon so I will take a bite of cake for every crunch I do.  In case you had not already caught on...I have a twisted philosophy on working out...I am a two steps forward one step back kind of girl.

Sunday will then be all about Carebear...well and my tan.  The Kahn clan is heading to the Parnell/Kahn casa for a pool day and cookout.  This could not be more up Carebear's alley.  He is like a little baby fish in the pool ok...I probably need to go get some more floating devices and pool accessories to entertain him.  I am still so into this and Parnell has yet to buy it for me:

Hint hint...AGAIN.

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