The rest of my weekend was all over the place.  I was a hostess for Parnell's sister Megan's bridal shower.  Said shower consisted of my share of mimosas along with my team winning shower games. I am the least competitive person in America but I love a good winners gift ok.

After the shower, we had plans for more film festival action.  I on the other hand had to abort mission because I was ty ty and still coming off a cold. Instead, I convinced Chase and my mom to go to dinner at Mr. Mesero.  We ate at a tiny table quite possibly built for ants but I got over it when I tried the food...legit.  I would have taken a picture but like LITERALLY my phone didn't fit on the table.

We continued our foodie weekend and decided to brunch together on Sunday.  We went to Oddfellows because Chase and I say we are going every single time we are in Bishop Arts and have yet to well...go. I am so hooked.  Everything we got was fab and the place is just SO cute ok.

After brunch we headed back to my house for some pool time.

I ended the day by "cooking" for Parnell once he returned from Nashville.  My "cooking" consisted of heading to Central Market (deh), selecting some freshly made noodles and pasta sauce, coming home and placing them in pans.  I then gave Parnell the "do not ask me questions, do not talk to me, and do not make noise" lecture while I poured a glass of wine and curled up on the couch for the Game Of Thrones finale.  I was slightly underwhelmed but I mean...I'll obviously be back next season.

Ummmmmm True Blood next Sunday...can I get an AMEN?

note: I bet $5 Yantis just said "AMEN"


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