Back in June when Jill spilled the beans that she was with child, we convinced her to let us have a Crunkfest gender reveal..God bless her...she let us. 

Daddy Matt was working and could not attend (don't worry he already knew what she was baking in there) so it was up to Jill to reveal the gender. Mrs. Gravley put together a pinata filled with blue or pink particles so when Jill hit it we would know.  Well...Jill isn't the strongest pinata competitor I have ever laid eyes on (what? you're not...) so it took awhile but in due time we found out...


(in case you didn't see THE piece of BLUE confetti that Jill managed to knock out of that cow pinata...its ok Jill...shh shh...there there...I am sure we can find another area for you to excel.)

CONGRATS to Matt and Jill on their babe who will be appearing in January 2014...or NYE if Jill gets too cra. 


Miss me?  Thought so...

Back to Crunkfest shall we?

The older we get the more we need naps...can I get an AMEN?  Crunkfest is no exception apparently.

The kids were such good sports and were able to rally for some fun by the dock before we had to head back.

Now ladies...I know you are about to be SO jealous of me BUT...hands off...I am marrying this cat.

I meaaaaan WHO IS THAT? I was trying to be sweet to him while he was in this get up but it was difficult I'm not gonna lie.

Lastly, I will leave you with our annual Crunkfest official portrait...good times kids...good times...

 Aaaaaand our chaperones...

Until next year!


The house woke up Saturday pretty much the opposite of bright eyed and bushy tailed...but the show went on. We packed up about a cooler per person and headed to "Sandy" which is basically a giant sand bar that becomes heavily populated by 1pm.  I would be LIVID if my lake house faced it...we will put it that way...

After a few hours, it was time to head over to the Gravley's house (Katie's parents).  God bless this couple ok.  They get SO into Crunkfest and always prepare the most amazing time for us/maybe get more into it than we do??

This year was no exception and we pulled up to a "Redneck Riviera" theme.  Feast your eyes...

For those of you that have tried what we affectionately refer to as "buff dip"...Mrs. Gravley is the one that started it all back before Pintrest was pop ok. She always has several servings piping hot and waiting for this crew of fatties as we get off the boat. 

Dillon treated us to some fine jalapeno Spam (thank you?).  The only plates and napkins available were Glee themed...that were on these are not double the original cost and collectors items...I have NO idea.


Part two up next...act excited.