After lunch, we took some time to hang out on Congress and putter.  We loved Uncommon Objects and found some gems there as well as a margarita next door...oops.

That night we headed to yet another fabulous meal at Winflo in Austin.  Tamara was able to join the Kahn clan for some za and wine.

I mean this place is presh right?

We had one slight hiccup when Chase and Wendy ordered a za with olives on it.  I wouldn't touch an olive with a ten foot pole ok.  Luckily, we found a piece that was salvageable and I dominated it. 

Following dinner, Tamara went and like did some stuff and I ...drum roll...went to bed.

Story of my life.

Tamara was super sweet (I think??) and stated that she had zero expectations of me going out.

Up next: San Antonio!

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