Before I get to chatting about the weekend...I must stop and mention the passing of Kidd Kraddick...LIKE WHAT?  I honestly don't know if Tamara and I can take one more beloved celebrity death this year ok.  While we were at the lake Saturday night, Parnell looked on Facebook and announced "Kidd Kraddick died" to which I said "Parnell shut up." After a kitchen full of googlers and twitter followers, it was confirmed.  We then knew we had to break the news to Tamara and that it would not go over well.  We ran down to the dock and told her to sit down, followed by the news.  She took it better than I thought she would and simply ran and jumped in the the dark. 

I listened to 106.1 this morning for the 2 minute drive from the gym to the office and LOST IT. 

Rest In Peace Kidd...mornings are about to suck a lot more. 


I will now transition into something more cheerful and uplifting...CRUNKFEST 2013 aka the birth of Tamara McDonald. 
The weekend started by the Dallas crew's late arrival missing the Gatti's pizza purchase with tubs of ranch...don't think this stopped me from sticking the cold za dunked in ranch in my face hours later ok. 

We hung out by the dock pretty much all night where I picked up a free fishing lesson from Dillon.  Aside from the fact that there were like no fish so I couldn't catch one and actually practice...I feel like I wasn't half bad ok. My throw or form or whatever that would be called was LEGIT. 

I then came inside and had a photo session with Wallace because I was feeling all inspired and artistic and stuff. 

I will be back this week with posts of the hot mess that was Saturday but will leave you with Lance...aka "Randy" who is sure to make several appearances in posts referencing Crunkfest.

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