I woke up yesterday with the best intentions of being productive on my day off. I stripped off my night mask and embraced the day at the solid "sleep in" time of 6:45 am...I can't. I then washed sheets, and cleaned the house to the extent the dogs would let me.  Oliver likes to bark and bite the Dyson, while Khaki lays like exactly where I need him to NOT be...the ENTIRE time...not laughing...ever. 

I then thought...I am going to show this day what's up and go for a run.  I got dressed, and already like got over literally 3 minutes.  So what is the next best thing to a long run you might ask? 4 minute tabata training YouTube videos...YES I did...

I mean...the dogs barked at me the entire time so I wasn't what some would call "in the zone" but I did it...and sweat...mission semi accomplished.  

I then did the logical thing after a brief workout and before being in a bathing suit all day and went to brunch with P...typical. We headed over to the Breadwinners that just opened in Northpark Mall.  I dig it. It is so much less claustrophobic than the McKinney location ok.  

After I consumed basically all of this, it was time to head to Jenn and Jon's 4th annual 4th of July Frackerman Fest. 

Their backyard doesn't exactly suck. 

Jenn had The Hamburger Man come grill up some fat free hot dogs and burgs for us.  Turns out the Hamburger Man does in fact have a Hamburger Woman assisting him.  If Parnell comes home one day and asks me to be the Hamburger Woman to his Hamburger Man business venture...I will 1) not be surprised and 2)

Beau won the best T-shirt contest which I may have told him SEVERAL times and Sloane won best bikini body per usual. 

I hope everyone had a safe and fabulous 4th!  I didn't quite make it to fireworks and MAY have been in bed watching Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret on Lifetime...

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