Hi kids!
 I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was long but full of food and fun.  It started in Denton Thursday evening having dinner with Chase and then heading to the DCI show.  Chase took me to Mr. Chopsticks while I was in the city of the mean green.  Our waitress came over to take our drink order and I ordered a glass of the Pinot Grigio for $10.75...normal right? She turned around and came back to the table apologizing for her mistake...Pinot Grigio is only sold by the BOTTLE at the restaurant, not the glass.  YES ok...$10.75 was for the BOTTLE.  #ringitup
I told Chase it is worth it in gas money to go to dinner in Denton opposed to Dallas. Those UNT tarts don't know how good they have it ok. 

We then headed to the show which was fabulous minus the bugs that were swarming and dive bombing audience One the size of a hamster swooped down and tried to like attack me.  I had to kill it with my shoe and it was so large I felt the point of impact and crunch ok...NOPE. 

We ended the evening on a high Rosas.  Lord do I miss this place and need one closer to my house.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and Chase has torillas and chips for days.  I highly doubt he is sad about it. 

Friday morning it was time to get on the road to Austin and then on to San Antonio.  Per usual...nothing can be easy for me and I woke up with a nail in my tire.  After impressing Chase with my 4 quarters I already had on hand and air pumping skills, we dropped my car off in Allen for Carebear to deal with and jumped in Wendy' Carebear...CHARITY. 

I will blog about our road trip adventures this week and fill you in on every calorie I consumed (sue me). 

I hope everyone has as fabulous a Monday as you can have on a Monday. 

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