Ok so...I had a lot of hopes and dreams for this past Sunday.  These were all shattered when I woke up, took Oliver outside and immediately saw movement all up in our pool.  I didn't know what said foreign objects were so I threw Oliver back inside (sorry can hold it?) and ran over to the pool to investigate.  Upon further inspection, I realized I had baby birds that needed rescuing.  YES OK. 

I grabbed the closest thing to me which was a mesh pool float and got knee deep (in my Twilight Edward shirt SUE ME) to swoop the frantic babes onto the float and out of the water.  Once I got them on dry land, I stuck to the ole myth of don't touch them or their mom will never return for them.  I did a swoop around the pool to make sure I didn't miss any and literally fell to my knees and LOST IT.  One of the babes had not been so fortunate and was already dead in the hot tub.  Like...nooooo...WHY MY YARD (I may have like lifted my hands to the sky and asked that...just saying). I could not bring myself to touch it in any way so I stuck to the other side of the yard with the rescued birds.  

My first call was to my mother...Wendy and I get this "animals are our besties" thing.  She advised me to search for a bird rescue and see what the next steps were...SO logical...GOOD call Wendy.  I hung up with her and then got to chatting with the DFW bird rescue...yes ok. After taking a "quiz" and answering a series of questions about my birds, it was determined that they were still viable for their mother to return and raise them and had a solid chance for survival.  Ok ok...deep breath...good news. I ran outside to tell the birds what the rescue volunteer had said, only to discover one of them had hopped off somewhere while the other one was just sitting where I left it COVERED in ants.  My heart seriously broke for like the 11th time that morning.  I did my best to shoo them off without actually touching baby bird and then emptied a Juice Plus box to place the babes inside.  I called Parnell SOBBING and told him he needed to get home ASAP and deal with my bird situation because I was through going at it alone. 

After my call to P...I went to Target...just to like remove myself from the situation.  Upon my return, I obvi checked on my squishies and found that both had left the box...(good sign they can move?) and one was being fed near the fence by what appeared to be a MOM.  AMEN ok.  Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit of hope.  The other bird was sitting under the chiminea.  Said chiminea chirper did not move for so long that I started to get all emotional again thinking it was the end of the road (Boyz II Men shout out).

After a late lunch, Parnell (home now) and I returned to find no sign of the more mobile one who had been fed...I'm hoping this is a good sign?  I thought chiminea chirper had left as well but much later in the evening, I found him near the back of the fence with "mom" close above watching. I dragged myself to bed praying my little bird baby would be alright.  

I woke up the next morning and heard chirping while brushing my teeth... remaining baby bird was parked on Parnell's lawn equipment outside our bedroom window being vocal as can be. "Mom" was on the table hopefully feeding my little squish and keeping watch.

I then came home to this...had.not.moved.

Toward the end of the night, I left water out for my puff after Tamara shamed me into it "YOU HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT HIM WATER?????" and watched him hop on over to the grill...

He spent the entire night here.  I already told Parnell the yard crew MUST be cancelled this week.  

The bird saga continues...

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  1. Awww that is so sweet! I'm glad you saved them, even if that puff looks like some kind of angry old man with his beak turned up like that. Keep us updated!