Saturday morning we decided to pit stop in Austin for breakfast before getting on the road to San Antonio.  We went with Magnolia Cafe since we can't get it in Dallas.  After eating, I am extremely thankful we can't get it in Dallas...I would average a solid five pounds heavier a week ok. 

It was completely ungross.  I am shocked I was able to get behind the wheel and drive following this food fest.  

An hour and a half and a food coma later, we had arrived in good ole San Antonio.  

We checked into the hotel, and took a little spin on the river...#tourists.

From the river, we headed to the market.  I absolutely adore this type of shopping.  I am not sure this is completely PC to say ok...BUT I always tell Wendy I need a bigger house so I can have a "Mexican room" with like funky pillows and lots of color. For someone who answers "white" when asked what their favorite color is...this is a pipe dream of mine that will never crappen BUT STILL. 

This was like a legit BABY mechanical bull...where is Sloane Platt when I need her???

For lunch we obviously had to have Mexican food...there was no choice in the matter. Chase chose Rosario's  and none of us cried about it. Rosario's also happens to be located across from the sketchiest record store in America that we chose to enter.  There are no find out how much the record is when you go up to the counter and they "think on it."


Later in the afternoon, it was finally time for the reason we came...the DCI show.  Our seats were fabulous and the shows were great! My favorite was a Le Miserables show.  Anne Hathaway did not make an appearance, which made it more enjoyable for me than the movie. 

The show ended around 10:00pm so you know I was hurting ok.  We headed back to the hotel and placed a solid Pappa John's order (#extragarlicsauce) and called it a night.  I mean Chase had to like write and turn in a paper but Wendy and I called it a night.

Stay tuned, we indulged in breakfast Sunday morning...oops.

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