Let's face Sunday morning any diet situation that could have been going on was long gone in our group.  The solution? An amazing, calorie filled breakfast. 

We headed over to the Guenther House to indulge. The last time I was there, I was attending Yantis' bridal brunch before her wedding! #mems

It was just as pretty as I remembered and the food was just as legit. 

Wendy purchased a silicone omelet maker in the gift shop while we waited for our table.  I have already received feedback that it does in fact work well...#itsthelittlethings

Following breakfast, we got on the road and got as far as the San Marcos outlet mall before pulling over to shop. Per usual, it was my idea and I was the one that didn't find anything to buy...ALWAYS. 

Following our shopping excursion, it was bumper to bumper on 35 all the way to Waco...where we stopped for a late lunch at the one and only Collin Street Bakery.  If you haven't been yet...shame on you and more world's greatest chicken salad for me. 

I was able to capture all but one of their billboards leading to the bakery.  A bit of a traffic game if you will...

Ahhhhh the perfect end to the perfect weekend. Wendy summed up our family time by stating "I like you guys."


Today I am off to celebrate the birth of one miss Tamara McDonald at one hot mess of an annual weekend referred to as Crunkfest.  I am currently pep talking my liver.


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