I'll start off the weekend recap with Friday...seems logical and chronological.  The girls met at MiCocina for a quick Mambo Taxi prior to heading over to the American Airlines Center for Boyz II Men, 98 degrees (why is there no degrees symbol on phones or computers?), and New Kids On The Block.  

Please notE that Diaz's straw is not even in her drink for the "sip" picture...and no...I am not deleting this (I know she is about to text me).

We then headed outside to be on our way so we wouldn't be late.  Well...the MiCo valet had other plans because it took 11 years for them to bring my car.  When he finally brought it to me, he had changed all my settings (I HATE that can make it 30 feet without adjusting I have faith) and had 104.5 the beat blaring and the A/C on full blast...straight CHILLEN. Like SOMEONE was relaxing ok...but whatever.  We arrived to AAC with literally no time to spare.  By the time we found the suite, I could hear Boyz becoming men and started jogging it in. 

Let me just say this...Boyz II Men could not have been more legit.  Instead of trying to change with the times, they stuck with the same old thing and decided to MASTER the running man ok. I have no complaints, they were amazing. Now 98 degrees on the other hand...NOPE. I'll be honest, they did nothing for me back in the day (TEAM N'SYNC) buuuuuuut...they definitely don't do anything for me now. I need less white T's, less barbed wire tats, and less cheesy dance moves ok SUE ME.  

Now NKOTB is a different story...
When they started Step By Step, I literally thought I popped a blood vessel (LITERALLY) I freaked. 
Donnie Wahlberg...NEVER.BEEN.HOTTER.  
It honestly looks like NKOTB has just been doing crunches all day every since the 90's ok. 

Next up this from Erin's baby shower and a bird situation at the Kahn/Parnell household...I can't. 

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