Ok ok so...obviously I didn't blog yesterday (I have been so good about it no?) BUT I had like one of THOSE days. It started like any other...until I called to check on the status of my inspection citation which has yet to appear in the Dallas City Hall records.  Today was the first day it popped up so I did the type A responsible thing and took action to call and see what steps I needed to take to resolve my ticket.  Turns out I needed to resolve my WARRANT status.  Like...say what? Yes long story short, work was CRAZY and I did not have time to be on the phone lifting a status...enter Wendy.  Wendy called and pretended to be me only with a more feminine voice and got the answers I needed in order to avoid being arrested while driving home CHARITY. So as of today...ummmm still says I am in trouble BUT I do have a trusty receipt in my wallet that says I paid to be "lifted" or cleared. We shall see. Moral of the story? This is Parnell's fault.  I'll keep the house clean and he can keep the cars street legal. 

Moving on. 
So You Think You Can Dance...where do I begin?
What in the H-E double hockey sticks was Fox thinking pulling Erin Andrews in as a guest judge? At first, I like many was all "oh she is so pretty blah blah blah" and then I just needed to make her stop...and unfortunately when you catch up to live like can't make her do anything she doesn't want to. I also LOVED Paula Abdul just back in her American Idol glory getting all something funky is in my Coca Cola cup.  I loved the moment she forgot Paul's know...the one with her name minus ONE letter.  I remember our friend Whit's name all the time ok. I also loved when Jasmine stated that she may have difficulty playing a spirit in her dance because "I haven't died before." Uhhhh you don't say...
I mean I also appreciated that I wasn't the only one who HATED the format they attempted the first episode.  Cat made mention that they did not get the best response...I swear I was not one of the people who tweeted them...although I strongly considered it.

I still have yet to watch Dance Moms this week (I KNOW) and was BEYOND disappointed that Giuliana and Bill was like a recap video diary situation (yes I paused to watch the wedding and the birth of Duke BUT STILL). I did fit some RHOC in and was oh so jealous of their SNOW filled evening in CANADA as I sit and fry in Texas.  Speaking of...who has watched this amazingness? You won't be sorry...and I am not a damn toucan.

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