I hope everyone had the best possible Monday they could have considering it was a Monday.  Parnell and I went to this new restaurant we have never tried called The Porch (sarcasm font) last night with P's sister Megan and her fiance Mike...YES OK...another Mike.  For those that are unaware...Parnell has a real name...which is Michael, my dad is Michael, Parnell's dad is Michael, Megan's fiance is Michael, and he is a MANY MICHAELS OK.

Moving on...
I chose not to photograph our dinner because 1) you have seen my Porch mussels already #beentheredonethat and 2) Parnell can't stand when I photograph my food. After catching up over a fab dinner, we headed across the street to The Old Monk.  I had never all my years in Dallas and all my meals on Henderson...I have NEVER ventured into The Old Monk. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought it was presh inside.  I obviously scoped out the menu on our table coming straight off of dinner (sue me) and I feel like I need to return and incorporate food into my next visit.  I mean an entire section was labeled "Cheeseboards"...IN.

After we finished our drinks, I realized it was 9:00pm and got maj anx that I needed to be in my biscuit (bed). We returned home to the Kahn/Parnell household for a night cap before I slipped on my night mask and got dug in. 

I have high hopes of watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight after a work event.  Is it just me or are we all still annoyed its not two nights and you find out who got kicked off BEFORE they still have to dance? Like C'MON the words of children on behalf of AT&T "you want more, we like it, we want more."

Chat ya later kids. 

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