I had such a non picture taking weekend y' are going to have to just trust me when I tell you what I did and forgive me for throwing in pictures I find on the computer kthanx. 

Friday night, I was tuckered out from the 4th of July festivities followed by work all day.  Wendy came over and hung out with me while P was off laking.  We went to dinner at Lakehouse (Lake Highlands/White Rock people can I get a shout out?) and then went home to watch The Call.

Like I'm sorry...that shiz was scawwyyy. I ser could not move and when I finally did, I had sweat like behind the knees style from sitting in a ball.  

Wendy protected me all night through Saturday morning. We had a nice little pool day with Chase followed by Cane Rosso...not sad about it. I then headed to see Miss Beyonce with some work folk. 

Beyonce was fab and all but I must say she made one major mistake...which was hiring this blonde tart on the right below. 

She looks a little Leann Rimesish in this picture (searching "Mrs. Carter tour hot blonde dancer" doesn't get you far) but let me tell you...she was LEGIT.  There were times where Beyonce would like get in front of her and I was counting the seconds until she moved ok #truthhurts. Aside from the blonde, B did look fab though.  Everyone always says black is so slimming but apparently purple glitter body suits do the trick as well...who knew ok. 

Sunday was reserved for trying to be productive. I woke up and cleaned (seriously my favorite way to start any day) and then went for a run around the hood followed by a trip to Whole Foods and some solo pool time. The day ended with such a legit True Blood episode and a delightful dinner...not in that order...TB was a weeeee bit on the bloody side to coincide with eating. 

Happy Monday?

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