This weekend I was at the Parnell lake house celebrating sister in law to be Megan's bachelorette party.  The weekend was filled with meeting new people, food, and wine...story of my life minus the new people. I didn't take many pictures...(bodies of water and iPhones don't mix) but I will hit you with a few. 

Those who know me well, know the level of discomfort I feel when near certain bachelorette paraphernalia.  I will say I was a champ this weekend (can I say that?) and got over it. 

Upon returning home from the weekend, P and I hit up a little errand running in the rain followed by the rental of Spring Breakers.  Ya'll WTF...

Hands down, the worst movie I have ever seen...EVER. I literally just waited 30 minutes at a time for a new Candy Crush life to save me from actually watching the screen. 

True Blood on the other hand...MUCH BETTER. This season is so good right? Yantis? Anyone?  I am digging on Warlow ok...he will never replace Eric but he is like thisclose. 

Call me.
(I kid Parnell...I kid...kinda)

I also tried my hand at stir fry last night...I accidentally made enough for a small country but overall it wasn't half bad.
Greenhaw: consider this your Asian Sunday shout out.


Yes, I had to make 2 batches because Parnell is the pickiest eater I have EVER encountered and No, I don't want to talk about it.

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