Our group of friends has been so amazingly blessed this year with tons of engagements, weddings, pregnancies, and now BABIES. 

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting one Mr. Hicks Price.

Boo and I headed to the hospital after work (wine in hand-don't judge) to meet our new little bestie.  I may have gone a liiiiiiittle overboard with the pictures so I'll just go ahead and get to those now...

Erin is such a champ.  I have looked and felt worse after a boot camp class ok and she like birthed a human this week.

I really need to have a sit down discussion with Erin regarding Hicks' future style so I can get to work on some baby shopping.  Boys are tough ok.  Are we going all boho chic a la Mason Disick? Too cool for school Kingston Rossdale style? Classic and frat like Tennessee Toth?



I MUST start today's post by congratulating Erin on the birth of her SON (yes I guessed wrong ok)! Hicks Price was born yesterday and I am counting down the minutes until I meet him this evening assuming all goes according to plan.  EEK.  

Congrats to Erin and Patrick!

Last night, we were able to pop on over to Goodfriend for a bite to eat with Loren and Mitch.  I had only been once before, and ordered the exact same thing I had last time even though I said I would branch out.  I then chose to photograph the food with my flash on and embarrass Parnell. #itwasdarkinthere


Turkey burger with Asian slaw?? Don't mind if I do...

Oh...and fried pies...Mitch MADE us.

A nice little low cal evening.


I had the extreme pleasure of catching up with one miss Lauren over dinner at Taco Diner this week...never gross.  Lauren and I were not exactly instant friends.  We used to work together at my very first "big girl" job.  On her first day, she came in all I am so pretty and I don't even have to try and I am tall and thin and dress I wasn't immediately drawn to her...some call it jealousy.  Cut to about 3 days later and it was all lunch breaks and rainbows for us.  She has remained a wonderful friend and recently added her daughter Lexi to the mix for our dinners out. #puffin

Our table slowly progressed to this:

  I am already missing that little squish...well...and Lauren.  Until next time...possibly on a Wednesday.  Who knew they had Mambo Taxi happy hour all day on Wednesdays?? On it. 


Last week, we were out of the office and headed over to Wild Salsa downtown on our way back for a fat free lunch.  I had heard solid things about this place (mainly from D Magazine) and was excited to try it out.  They start you off with this magical green salsa that was semi life altering...good thing since it would be awkward for Wild Salsa to have bad...well...salsa. 

Next came the queso.  This one was special ok.  We came to a group consensus that the chorizo in the queso was possibly cooked with cinnamon...making this bowl of delightfulness super unique. 

I then went on to order the 3 taco plate (the waitress assured us they were small so don't judge) along with pretty much the rest of the table.  

I was happy with my order and would completely return.  I hear they have great marg options which we obviously passed on because people sadly stopped drinking alcohol with their bosses at lunch in the 60s.

On our way out the door, they offered us little sweet treats out of a cooler for the road.

None of the above helped with my bridesmaid dress situation this past weekend...athankyou. 


Here I am!

We have returned from our journey to Jersey.  I had the ultimate bridesmaid fail and forgot my phone and or camera for a vast majority of the day ok...but why don't you just forgive me and make do with the following:


Honestly, had I remembered my electronic devices, I am not sure I could have gotten a click in with the photographer around...he was what some would call aggressive. 

In other news from the weekend....Luke Williamson finally made an appearance...the day I left town...TYPICAL.


I can't wait to meet this squish in realsies!


Not into tons of pictures of 2 people showing off their amateur diving board tricks? Go ahead and click that little red box up there in the corner of your screen.  Oh-you're into it? This will be like Christmas morning...enjoy. 

Ok...are you ready for the most graceful leap in America?

The pike off...

You're welcome. 

This weekend we are off to New Jersey for Parnell's sister's wedding.  From my days of watching Jersey Shore...I'm thinking I should have gotten a spray tan.