Per usual, this past weekend was deserving of more than one post.  My Friday turned into perfection once this little gem arrived:

Y'all...she is so cute and smells like a little slice of leather Heaven ok. 

After her arrival, I headed home to see Yantis who was staying with me.  Yantis had a liiiiiiiittle mishap while driving here from Lufkin when she popped some Tylenol PM accidentally.  She was able to rally and  attend dinner at Sushi Axiom with the girls.  The phrase "I'm PM'ed" may have slipped out a few judgement here. 

I hadn't had sushi in like...a month? Longer? I don't count Central Market samples...
In typical fashion, we all picked a roll and had a sharing one EVER likes my favorite roll...#moreforme.

We talked about going out for a drink after dinner (so cute) but in the end it didn't crappen and we headed our separate ways while Jackie shook her head and repeated "I haven't gone home by ten like...ever."

We had to get our beauty sleep for Danielle's baby shower Saturday morning...which big girl camera/case accompanied me for. 

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