Parnell and I have been able to catch a few documentaries after work.  One of them was a "mockumentary"...

Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives 

I meaaaaan I was like terrified thinking this thing was still in the ocean somewhere ok but then everything I read basically said what a joke it is that Discovery aired this.  As previously stated, I am not going to be in a shark's path like ever BUT this thing can like...sink boats and stuff...and I will probably be on one again....not cool. Please look at this picture that is supposedly real: no no no and NO. 

I recommend watching this to form your own opinion on their existence in the oceans today...the world says no but I think I may be with the "scientist" paid actor in this documentary and say yes.

Note to Parnell: we may need a new honeymoon game plan...oceans are sketchy. 

Next up...The Cheshire Murders.

Ughhhhh y'all...I can't.  I have followed this tragic story and both the accused men's trials through to the penalty phase via my number one source for news...Daily Mail. 

The documentary did offer details and information that I had not yet read which was a..ummm...bonus? Plus? Depressing?

I kept telling P how classy the Hawke and Petit families were on this would not be so kind and I KNOW it. I did just read (on Daily Mail obvi) that William Petit and his new wife are pregnant with a little babe and living In this like super small peaceful lake house.  Ugh I just want to hug him and wish good things for him ok.

Parnell and I also watched The Crash Reel after I said I already knew I wasn't going to be into it.  It turns out, I can actually be wrong from time to time (who knew?) and I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary...I may have even cried a liiiiiittle #itwasthewine. 

This documentary was already in the process of being filmed when snowboarder Kevin Pearce took a terrible tumble on the slopes (caught on video and terrifying).  The remainder of the documentary then follows his journey to recovery along with his family, friends, and loved ones.  

I am going to warn you now.  His brother...David going to tug your heart strings ok.  He has down syndrome along with possibly the most infectious personality I have watched on TV.  I wanted to just Mike TV myself through the air waves and hug him. 

I also told Parnell that I didn't think Shaun White looked completely terrible when he was featured...sue was weird for me too ok. 

Kevin's father also makes blown glass that I need in my kitchen yesterday. At the end of the documentary, they show the family in his shop making glass pieces.  I like almost rewound that part.  Carebear has been into hobbies these days so I may send him a how to video on glass blowing and get this going.  He was into magic tricks for a while but I think that ship has sailed.  Good thing we never got him a rabbit or a dove like we said we would...

On my list for the next watch is TWA Flight 800...only we need Epix...and DirecTV (think that is what we have??) doesn't carry that channel. 

Once we get a new provider that features Epix, I will be back to blog about this one.  Parnell: I kid you not. 

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