Ok so remember waaaaay back like 2 weeks ago when we had a gender reveal for Jill and baby E? Well...ever since that day, Jill has referred to her unborn child as "he or she" and I have had the task of reminding her along with others that it was in fact...a HIM. Jill made it very clear that she did not feel confident in the sonogram technician after she forced him to admit he had been wrong before. Welp my people...he was wrong again.


Jill is in fact having a GIRL.

As Katie put it "quite the redneck gender reveal after all."

I cannot even express the amount of gigs I have shared over this news.  Its like stubborn little Jill willed that babe into a female ok. I also can't say that I won't do the same one day when the time comes.  I have a theory that "Big G" has a certain allotment of girls and boys to give out and at this rate...he is going to run out of girls by the time I am ready to get in line.  #justatheory

Congratulations Jill and Matt...again.

Ok ok so much less exciting yet still blog worthy...Chase and I partook in Dallas Restaurant Week last night at Capital Grille...not gross. We also partook in their "Generous Pour" special which was delightful.

I tried to be discreet with my picture taking and went flash off-I'm pretending to read a text style and I must say the picture quality suffered.  Enjoy?

On the agenda for this weekend...more restaurant week...and maybe a work out to balance it all out...don't hold your breath.

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