Last night, I headed over to Hick's casa for dinner with cheese and wine in tow.  Hick's mom...quite possibly one of my favorite women on Earth, Peggy, was in town.  Peggy is that mom that is cool but she isn't TOO cool...because those moms suck and we all know it. 

I asked Hicks ahead of time what we were having for dinner but I was more just to exchange pleasantries and small talk...I knew we were have za...because that is like...what we do. I forgot to take a food picture until I went back for seconds...sue pants were stretchy.

I had such a good time hanging out with the Midlanders and as an added bonus Sara brought Miss Sloane over to entertain us.  She is in her "princess phase" right now and Lord help you if you take Ariel away from her...which I did.  I forced Erin to pose with Ariel because day one of her saying she was pregnant, I told her I needed her to birth a little ginger girl named Ariel and have continued to refer to her unborn child as such.


Contact Keleigh for the finest table service in Dallas.

Oh yeah...and I borrowed Sloane's princess backpack...

This weekend will be filled with group dinners and a baby shower...par for the course these days. Happy Friday!

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