Our group of friends has been so amazingly blessed this year with tons of engagements, weddings, pregnancies, and now BABIES. 

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting one Mr. Hicks Price.

Boo and I headed to the hospital after work (wine in hand-don't judge) to meet our new little bestie.  I may have gone a liiiiiiittle overboard with the pictures so I'll just go ahead and get to those now...

Erin is such a champ.  I have looked and felt worse after a boot camp class ok and she like birthed a human this week.

I really need to have a sit down discussion with Erin regarding Hicks' future style so I can get to work on some baby shopping.  Boys are tough ok.  Are we going all boho chic a la Mason Disick? Too cool for school Kingston Rossdale style? Classic and frat like Tennessee Toth?


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