for like ever.

Last night, about to pop Bethany hosted the girls for dinner to welcome Natalie to Dallas! Nat just made the move from Austin to take a job...with like seriously...we work at the same building now...YES OK. I am LOVING having a familiar face at the office and always enjoy getting together with these Aggie tarts so it is a win/win in my book. 

I consumed my fair amount of cheese and scored a nursery tour of Luke's digs (I'd totally sleep there...).  Thanks for hosting us B!  My apologies for not being pregnant right now and throwing off the group dynamic.  

Also going on this week...something MAJOR.  I finally ordered a camera case.  I asked Parnell for the Rebecca Minkoff Collin bag like hour one of owning my camera, to which he asked me to pick a bag that was farther away from the price point of the camera.  I have been SO unWhitney and patient about it ok.  Well...this week it paid off and lo and behold Rebecca Minkoff bags were featured on Gilt.  I scored this little beauty that will be hanging out with me once she is delivered in a few days.


Tonight I will be branching out by eating cheese and drinking wine with friends...don't worry your pretty little will hear all about it tomorrow. 

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