Saturday morning we went out of town to Southlake for Danielle and baby Parker's baby shower. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but it's pretty difficult to mimosa and operate a camera at the same time.

I would have gotten my camera out after a few mimosas, however, we had Corner Bakery catering, Nothing Bundt Cakes (which I am passionate about), and a white on white cake that was better than most wedding cakes so...I was a BUSY girl. In true baby shower fashion, the baby was spoiled and I didn't win a single game. 

After the 600 gifts were opened, we began the long journey back to Dallas, Texas.  Lindsey and I made the bold decision to forgo a nap, choosing instead to head to Central Market for life's necessities: hummus, cheese, champagne, and wine.  Said wine was a bottle Lindsey had just had on her rude family vacation in Cayman.  After her many attempts to open the bottle, she made it very clear that the waiter who had opened it the first time had much less trouble.  

I have never heard a human squeal with as much delight as Yantis did when the wax finally popped off the cork ok.  

Lesson learned: wax seals on wine bottles...although beautiful and solid ideas in theory...leave them for the waiter.

This was all just a warm up for our delightful dinner at Cane Rosso Saturday night.  Yantis had never been and I mean...let's get was time. 

Yes...we ended with a S'mores calzone...we HAD to...Yantis hadn't had it. 

Diaz entertained us with her cooking recipes these days.  One involved hot marinara sauce and hot cucumbers over wheat pasta...and Mark said he liked it.  Oh and if you are interested, she is about to start canning her own salsa and selling it out of her home...because that is her "thing" now. 

Yantis and I returned home in our food coma to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  The movie should be called "Brad Pitt: Attractive At Every Age" ok.  It's no Legends Of The Fall but I'll take it. 


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