Based on the way Friday evening went, Saturday did not quite happen as envisioned.  I woke up and decided after about 11 minutes that I was 1) not ready to be vertical yet and 2) there was NO way I was making it to boot camp.  I plopped back in bed with Oliver for a solid hour and got up and tried again...MUCH better.  

I started cleaning our mess of a house and decided I needed a little break at T.J. of my obsessions right up there with Target...where I also went #oops. I found some gems while I was out and about and headed home to meet up with P and get the show on the road.  

We headed to Northpark for lunch at Breadwinners and then on to our errands, one of which included trying on wedding bands.  Parnell said he preferred band shopping with me to engagement ring shopping alone #lesspressure.  The sales guy helping us very sweetly offered to clean my engagement ring so it would actually match the gleam of the bands...I may have had some lotion and honey mustard from lunch on there ok.  I think we made a final decision but I decided to sleep on it...SO unWhitney of me. 

We then got home after all our errands with JUST enough time to shower and get ready for our next restaurant week Tillman's me. 

Their life changing chicken fried steak was not on the restaurant week menu. In turn, 90% of our table ordered off the menu. #wherecanibuytheseknives

We walked across the street to Whitehall Exchange for post dinner drinks.  One thing led to another and Mitch tried on my ring...along with a few others...

We got dropped off at home and Parnell announced that he lost his phone.  I told him very sweetly to let me know how it worked out for him because I was going to bed. 

The following morning, we were still down one phone.  It finally occurred to P to check the find my phone app.  It kindly directed him to the center of the street where Anna had been dropped off prior to the stop at our house.  There, P found his phone sitting like a princess in the street.  It had been run over a time or two yet was still FINE.  

We are currently in the process of contacting OtterBox for an endorsement deal. 

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