Kari and Sean hosted a small group at their new house in Oklahoma Prosper this past Sunday.  I didn't take many pictures because large bodies of water and electronics don't mix but I'll share with you what I did take and you can just like it...ok good. 

I thought we were in for a low key afternoon by the pool considering how many children would be present...  ummm false. Tequila shots were poured and the Josh Abbott playlist was changed quickly... #parentswhoparty. We may have even earned Kari and Sean a neighborhood noise complaint and by "we" I mean the men attending this get together.

There were about 20 toys on the porch, 8 in the skimmer, and 10 in the pool, yet all of them proved to be unnecessary...apparently all you need is a Yeti and some ice. 

Parnell and I hit the road around dinner time and accidentally stopped at MiCo before heading to our house to catch the beginnings of Shark Week.

To say I am obsessed is an understatement. 

Long story short...last year, when we were in Key West with Parnell's family, I was trying to not be THAT girl that came on a beach vacation and would not get in the ocean.  I finally agreed to "snorkel" in only 6 feet of water and managed not to be eaten by a shark.  The next day, we went out like WAY too far to snorkel (now that Whitney wasn't bringing the group down).  How far is too far you might ask? DOLPHINS were jumping in front of my face ok...that far.  So anyway, I decide after about 4 minutes in the way too deep water that I'm out because like I'm NOT getting bit by a shark and went to sit on the boat. All week I kept hearing "they are just as scared of you as you are of them" and "we haven't seen sharks out here" blah blah blah.  Well what do you know when Parnell and I fly home the next day and watch Shark Week that one Mr. Colossus the great white has been KEY WEST FLORIDA...for YEARS.  


I much prefer to watch other bold and crazy people go dabble in that from the comfort of my couch with a glass of wine. 

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