I had the extreme pleasure of catching up with one miss Lauren over dinner at Taco Diner this week...never gross.  Lauren and I were not exactly instant friends.  We used to work together at my very first "big girl" job.  On her first day, she came in all I am so pretty and I don't even have to try and I am tall and thin and dress I wasn't immediately drawn to her...some call it jealousy.  Cut to about 3 days later and it was all lunch breaks and rainbows for us.  She has remained a wonderful friend and recently added her daughter Lexi to the mix for our dinners out. #puffin

Our table slowly progressed to this:

  I am already missing that little squish...well...and Lauren.  Until next time...possibly on a Wednesday.  Who knew they had Mambo Taxi happy hour all day on Wednesdays?? On it. 

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