Ok predicted...last night involved some cheese...some dips...and some wine.  In addition, I was able to add a need for a thunder shirt to Khaki's growing list of well...needs. Bless his heart (yes HIS...#femalename) ok. The much needed rain was all fun and games until I listened to a terrified bark for a solid 15 minutes at a time. I hate to be all "how much do you weigh" ser much does he weigh?  They cut off at 110 pounds and it is supposed to rain again this week...


In other news of my evening, I thought my So You Think You Can Dance viewing was going to be compromised due to the storm but by golly that DIRECTV (we have that right?? forgot to check...) pulled through and there were some oh so fabulous routines to be seen.  Can I get a slow clap for the all stars?? Like...athankyou. FINALLY.

I mean I like didn't hate a single dance...aside from that that brand new song...Blurred Lines... featuring Jasmine the two guys. You can't win em all. 

Ok ok last SYTYCD point...raise your hand if you are SO sick of Jenna being saved/in the bottom and not getting kicked off.  Ok all of you? too. I won't get into the background of this saying but as I once overheard in a bar... "if you're going to act like a a _______ 10". This gentleman had a rude yet legitimate point.  

Tonight we are celebrating Maegan arriving in Dallas from Colorado! I have not lived in the same city as her since college and can not wait for her to be a permanent fixture.  Maegan recently got engaged and we will also be toasting to that...with half priced wine bottles.


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