I will spare you with my Friday from this past weekend...let's say it was that day where everything that could have gone wrong...did in fact...go wrong...starting with my car...well...NOT starting. I will say that Volvo has a sense of humor ok.  The automated roadside assistance conversation went a little something like this:

"Thank you for calling Volvo roadside assistance, we are aware that you are most likely not having a great day but we hope to make it better"

They then asked for the mileage on my car...that I was not with at the I kept repeating "I don't know" (sue me-I don't) to which I got the reply "I am going to need a guess".

Long story short, I got a jump from a sweet auto man that informed me I have the hottest garage he has ever been in, drove to the dealership on my jump, got a new battery and was on my merry way. 

Saturday was a complete success compared to its predecessor.  It began with an early lunch at Garden Cafe.  Am I the only one who had never heard of this little gem?

We ran into a slightly awkward moment after visiting the chickens outside, watching the staff write the specials which included a "roasted chicken sandwich" and we were left to wonder if one of them had been acting up.


Next up we went to Trader Joes! I have been waiting for this little tart to get to Dallas and could not wait to get in there and discover the goodness.  Confessions...I went again on Sunday.  Confessions round two...I made Chase take a picture of me with the iris bucket GKODB. 

LOVED it...I shall 

The rest of the day was spent with family in the pool.  My cousin and his wife brought over their puffins for a nice low key night. I even cooked...and it was healthy ok. 

I asked Will if he would like to return and visit me again...his response? "Only if there is birthday cake (cupcakes)." 


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