Parnell and I were party animals this seriously.  I'll get this wrap up going with Friday and then you will be hearing from me later regarding the rest of our non stop weekend.  

Friday night, I continued my restaurant week run with a group dinner at Al Biernat's. The food was fab and the company wasn't terrible.  I ended up ordering the short ribs which is beyond random for me and didn't cry about it when they arrived.  

After dinner, someone had the awful great idea to go to the Library in the Warwick.  Let's just say, a few glasses of wine and a $15.00 espresso martini later (sorry P) I was ready for my biscuit.  Parnell and I had a lot of hopes and dreams for Saturday ok.

I can't sign off for the day without mentioning True WAAAAAA?
If Eric jumps I am having issues currently.  

Coming tomorrow...the time Parnell and I went out twice in one weekend...YES OK.

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