Let's first take a moment and set it aside for Gia Allemand.  Liiiiiiike say what? Hanging herself? As many of you know, I don't "do" the bachelor or the bachelorette.  This was the last season I watched and it was solely because I lived with Boo at the time and she loved it...and I loved wine...and I watched.  I must say I was BAFFLED when Jake chose Vienna and let Gia go...ugh she was so sweet and her hair was so pretty ok. 

Moving on to less depressing topics...dinner last night was fabulous.  We chose to go to Villa O for half priced wine Wednesdays #signmeup. Per usual, I was the first one there by like...a solid 10 minutes and played candy crush at the bar until I ran out of lives. Maegan put the address in her phone and it took her to like...not the restaurant and she drove all over Dallas to find us...welcome? 

I MAY have entered the girls in a table food photography contest...check out the entries:

(I mean...look at that noodle tunnel of darkness and deep thoughts ok)

Feel free to give me feedback on your votes...the winner gets nothing. 

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