I am sure y'all have been waiting with bated breath all weekend staring at your computer hitting the refresh button anticipating news of the garage sale...well wait no further ok.

We went to bed Friday evening with more left to do than I would have liked. This may or may not/DID have a little something to do with Parnell, Wendy, and Chase going to dinner, getting ice cream, and straight chillen instead of organizing the remaining items #iwasatworkpromise. This equated to waking up far too early (5:00am to be exact) in order to get everything ready to go for our valued customers.

Wendy and I opened the garage for business and simultaneously sent Parnell to Chick-Fil-A.  What? We had to gear up for the long day ahead of us ok. 

We advertised our hours as beginning at 7:30am.  Silly us...
We had already had our first "rush" if you will by 7:00am.  A Canton antique dealer came in like a bat out of hell and swooped about half of my shabby chic inventory in one truck load, which I must say, I called happening.  BOOM. 

Throughout the day, we kept Wendy in charge of all funds.  She is a math teacher and I could use some remedial math classes, so the choice was clear. She started with a cash box and soon switched to an apron to gain some mobility.  I literally did not let her take all.  If someone even looked in my general vicinity like they wanted to check out (you know that face) I tuck and rolled. 

A little later into the morning, Erin stopped by bearing gifts of her son and a pumpkin spice latte.  YES PLEASE.  I took a 20 minute break to chat which Parnell later spun into the following sentence:

"Whitney got all CEO on that garage sale and took a two hour break with Erin." 

Please look at the picture she sent me later that day:

I die...angel baby...literally. 

At the end of the day we sold a solid amount and only had one car full to take to Goodwill...success?? Wendy was also wearing the same shirt as a customer which was AMAZING. 

By the time we finally were finished with all clean up it was about 8:00pm...making Saturday the 4th longest day of my life. 

I must say I enjoyed my first, last, and only garage sale. 

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