Allow me to explain to you the current state of the Kahn/Parnell (yes my name first P) household. 

We decided several weeks ago to have a garage first ever.  They look so fun when other people have playing store when you were little only with real money and real items.  I mean...we haven't even had the sale yet and I am over it.  THIS my friends has been the state of our sun room for the past week...


Oh and don't worry...this is the dog's room as well.  The first day I left for work, Oliver looked up at me with the b*tch please face...his eyes said "I hate you for leaving me in this junk room with HIM (Khaki)." 

What started as our garage sale turned into a full on Kahn/Parnell family cleanse with both parents contributing to the pile. My parents will be in town and have opted to help us at the sale.  My mom volunteered my brother Chase to quote "stand around and sell cold bottled waters to shoppers." I HIGHLY doubt we see him Saturday...

This sale also meant major things for Parnell's dad.  Mike Sr. may or may not/does have a minor hoarding problem.  We were in their garage last weekend making a pick up and counted NINE brooms.  It was like a damn witch convention in there ok. I on the other hand have whatever disease is the opposite of hoarding. I just turned to my #1 internet source (aside from Daily Mail deh) Google, to find the term for me. My search concluded that I suffer from:

Obsessive-Compulsive Spartanism
As the name implies, this decluttering behavior may be obsessive-compulsive.

Try me...leave something on the counter in our house and just SEE if it is there upon your return. 

As if this garage sale was not already turning out to be the death of me...we now have a 60% chance of rain Saturday.  I can't...

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