Once we arrived at Jenn's house for the second portion of the evening, we had cake and cocktails.  We also played a game to see who knew Emily best.  I was not even close to winning...sorry Em? If it makes you feel better...

At Parnell's sister's bridal shower we played a similar game featuring questions about the bride to be.  One of them was "When did Mike and Megan get engaged?"  The room was silent as Megan announced that I had an unfair advantage and would know the answer seeing as I was engaged only 5 days after.  Or did I? Yes ok...I had NO idea what day I got engaged...NONE.  I came home and immediately told Parnell the story.  He proceeded to get offended and offer some flippant answer to the effect of "oh c'mon it was (insert wrong date here)".  #truelove

See?? So not only do I not know facts about you...I don't know them about myself.  I hope that helps my case.

Oh you don't still separate and take sorority group photos at gatherings? No? That's just us? Are you lying right now?


So this was all fun and games and hugs and pictures until there was a knock at the door...y' Mr. "Gemini" from Lubbock, Texas traveled all the way to Dallas for a repeat performance of the EXACT same routine he performed in 2004 for Emily...YES OK. 

I will spare you the rest of the're welcome/my eyes are still burning.

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