I hope everyone had a long and fabulous weekend!  I am going to have to break my down into multiple posts due to the aggressive nature of all I got done ok.  I started everything off Friday at the Texas Tech vs SMU game here in Dallas.  Kliff managed to pull out a W for us but I must say I am nervy for the remainder of the season...

Guns up? Hopefully?

We went to boulevard tailgate before the game which I can hands down say was the sweatiest moment of my EVER.  For those who know me well and are waiting on a copy of my book with Erin "Sweating: It's the Pits", you know this is saying a lot. I also must say that the attire within the Greek community at SMU is baffling.  It honestly looked like Taylor Swift was everywhere I turned.  If you weren't wearing a short white dress and brown cowboy boots you literally were not invited.  

We left the game during half time to meet up with the TV watchers in air conditioning...NOT sad about it.  Parnell ended up having to ask ME to head home. #imgettingsocool

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