This weekend marked my first experience at a splash pad...which I feel are all the rage these days ok.  My cousin and his wife were going to be in Allen (kids in tow) so we met up with them.  I brought my big girl cam and got ultra creepy on our play date.  

When my cousin Brett was a young puffin, I was trying to get him out the door one day in a hurry.  We could not find the match to his shoe so I convinced him that wearing two different shoes was what all the kids were doing those days. Sadly for my aunt, this stuck and he was wearing two separate shoes for quite some time...
William took it to an entirely new level this past weekend by not only wearing two different shoes but also managing to wear them on the wrong feet...BOOM. #beatthat

I will say the temperature of the water at the splash pad was delightful and cold, helping with the hot Texas heat.  I am looking forward to returning soon, so all you moms and dads give me a call and invite me...people lurking with cameras solo style around children is frowned upon. 

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