Over the weekend, Parnell and I attended Whit and Sterling's wedding here in Dallas.  They had their reception at the Hickory Street Annex which I had yet to visit and LOVED. 

We had such a blast catching up with everyone and I attempted to take some terrible iPhone photos.  Enjoy?

They had flip flops ready by the dance floor for the taking (charity).  Diaz commented "Eww you can tell which girls have huge feet because they are wearing the black flip flops for the boys." I was wearing the black flip flops...


The highlight of my evening, aside from love and joy and all that jazz, was Abbie trying to NOT catch the bouquet and it hitting her in the face.  Rose.petals.everywhere. #includingmywineglass

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  1. Seems to be truly a fun event! You made me grin by sharing these wonderful and fun event photos here. Wish such events get organized at local New York wedding venues. Will love to attend them. Anyways, thanks for the post.