Once every oh I don't know...4 or 5 weeks (??) Parnell and I will have a "productive" Sunday and grocery shop for the entire week because we are going to "be good." Our optimism is PRECIOUS ok. 

This past Sunday, we swung by my favorite, Trader Joe's and picked up items for the entire week.  Also in the shopping cart? Several potatoes for Parnell's major purchase at Homegoods:

Yes, that is a potato gun and yes, it hurts when he shoots you with it.

Mitch and Loren came over Sunday to be our guinea pigs for meal one.  We went with Bolognese pasta  and everyone seemed to not hate it. I couldn't resist using our new dishes and glasses ok. 

I didn't quite get a picture of the burgers and corn we Parnell grilled on Monday.  He was late getting home and if I don't eat by 7:30 then I can't get to bed by 8:00 so you know I was starving and antsy ok. 

Yesterday I slaved ALL DAY on our dinner.  I put some items in a crock pot at 5:00am and then opened the lid at 6:00pm. Magic.

Making stew look appetizing in a photo is a pointless battle so please just take my word for it. 



I had a bridal shower this past Saturday.  This shower has led me to 2 different theories regarding our wedding day forecast.  Both of my showers have been met with torrential downpour the day of so... either 1) we have paid our dues and it will be beautiful or 2) it is sure to follow suit and rain. 


Wendy was kind enough to take pictures for me so I could mingle and not look creepy. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone that sacrificed football watching plans to attend! The day would have been a liiiiiiittle better had it ended with a W for Texas Tech...SO close. 

This has been making the rounds and could not have gotten me better...

Nailed it.

Guns Up.


I am a liiiiittle behind on blogging my joint birthday bash with Erin.  We went to Truck Yard and I did not hate it. I had never been so I trusted Erin to select a location that would make us look cool and hip.  We all agreed that this joint is "so Austin"...take that as you wish.

Birthdays and babies go hand in hand these days. Please look at how terrified Luke is of Erin.  She brought a juice cleanse to a food truck venue as her don't exactly trust her either ok. 

Thanks so much to our all our friends who came out to watch me consume more bundt cakes than allotted per person.

Its my party and I'll eat if I want to.


We attended two birthdays this past weekend that I have yet to blog about. Jon and Jerry both turned 30 and Miss Emerson turned 1!


I would have posted more photos of the adorable decor...however...lets just say it is SUP DUP SIM to our rehearsal dinner selections so we will keep that on the DL for those that did not attend.

No...that was not a back handed compliment. 

I attempted to leave at one point and was hazed...for lack of a better word.  We ended up staying longer and I am SO glad I did. Just think...I almost missed Boo sitting in the literally IN it. 

I only took a few pictures at Emerson's party the next day.  Adults with no children, taking pictures of children is always awkward so I attempt to be somewhat discreet ok.