This weekend was quite eventful.  In addition to a packed work schedule, our friends threw us a couples shower!  Rain hovered over the Dallas skies pretttttty much all day and decided to really go for it as we were pulling up to the party...that had valet...because Sara doesn't mess around like that. 

I made sure to run out and snap some pictures before the downfall began. 

Adorbs right??

It was so cute that I thought rain would be the only issue we would run into at the party.  Shortly after having this thought, I caught on fire. 


I was leaning against the bar outside the kitchen chatting away.  Out of nowhere, I am receiving a full on pat down and facing SHOCKED expressions.  It appears my "I haven't had a trim in 8 months" hairstyle is prime for catching the attention of large candles on the bar.  #hairupinflames

There was a moment of silence when we all ran to the nearby restroom to assess the damage...that was until Desiree filled the silence with her very own rendition of This Girl Is On Fire...athankyou. 

We combed out the damage and got some water on the nest remaining on my head.  Parnell ran in (ok maybe briskly walked) with a concerned face.  Before you get all "oh how sweet of him" he was only there to ask if I had to cut my hair into a bob before the wedding.  When I assured him no, he then asked if I could return my singed dress with a hole in it...

I can't.

I mean at this point, I had no choice but to grab an additional glass of wine and get on with it.  I also profusely apologized to Sara's mom for making her house smell worse than burned popcorn ok. 

I had such an amazing night even with all the rain and a few less inches on one section of my hair.  A HUGE thank you to all our friends who traveled to Dallas to be with us and all our fabulous hosts! 

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