I would be lying if I said I am still in love with the show Glee.  I like can't NOT watch it, yet I would rather...not watch it.  However, it is no secret that Cory Monteith's passing hit me (and Tamara) like a ton of bricks. OBVIOUSLY we were both tuning in for the Farewell To Finn episode last Thursday.  Was it the best idea to watch after a glass of wine? Probably not...

Hindsight is 20/20. 

I received the picture below in a text from Tamara long before I had reached my couch to watch:

Before you say out loud what I know you are thinking...YES...she gave me permission to post that. 

Based on her face (and Wally's??) I knew I was in for a case of the sads. I bravely dove in and clicked play...

This was my state (as sent to Tamara) ohhhhh I don't know...3 minutes later?

Yes that is my night mask...isn't Parnell a lucky fella?? 

I mean I didn't even make it through one full song without losing it.  Oliver was the perfect gent the entire time and just sat with me while I audibly sobbed.    

RIP Cory/Finn. still hurts...

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