Oh hey kids! I know I know...I didn't blog about Homeland.  Confessions?  I like kinda sorta half remember what happened...

I was falling in and out of sleep and seem to be a little fuzzy.  The one thing I do remember was the "waaa thaaaa??????" look Parnell and I gave each other when Brody's son appeared for the first time in the episode.  I way that is the same kid right?? Tamara felt the same way and did some investigative research on The Google and found nothing suggesting the original character had been replaced.  #growthspurt 

Right??? What did that kid eat all summer?

Oh and don't get me started on Dana.  I can't. 

I also caught an episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition this week.  I ate an entire block of cheddar cheese while watching.  I am pretty sure the show is supposed to have the opposite effect on my eating habits...but I just think to myself the entire time "welp...I am still thinner than them so..." #notforlong

For those of you who do not follow me on instagram (shame on you), I must share (while we are on the subject of cheese ALWAYS) what I drove past last night...

Seize The Cheese at Central Market runs beginning October 9th through OCTOBER 22ND aka the birth of moi. YES's like they know I would rather do nothing more on my day of birth than eat cheese in my home away from home bringing along my very own "What A Friend We Have In Cheeses" napkins.

I will have Parnell work on the Paperless Post to meet in the cheese aisle...which is very close to the desserts.


You think I'm kidding...

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