Our wedding date is nearing like woah.  I guess you could say I am in a nesting phase due to this?? I am on a clean out mission (hence the garage sale) and want everything in its place before November gets here...including the Christmas tree (sorry Parnell its happening).

This past weekend, we dropped off the remaining items that did not sell at the garage sale to Goodwill.  From there, we went directly to Homegoods so I could stuff.

We ended up finding place mats that we both agreed on and will compliment our dishes.  The place mats I had fallen hard for are no longer available (story of my life) so their replacement was needed.

We also had a bit of a rug "situation" a while back and were in need of a new one for our bedroom.  While we were at Target for unrelated purchases, I swooped down the rug aisle and lo and behold...this little gem was waiting like a princess for us to pick her up.

Next on the list...lamps. Lamps are like dresses for weddings.  When you don't need one, you see a million you want to purchase...when you need one? NONE.

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