I shared with you recently that Parnell and I...well...mostly just me...have been on the hunt for new lamps for our bedroom.  The existing lamps were mine...from COLLEGE...which lets face it-was a while ago. I found some lamps at Homegoods that I thought were the ones.  Once we got them in the room I was no longer feeling it...mostly due to them appearing to be different heights??  I returned said lamps to a different Homegoods in the hopes of finding new gems.  Lo and behold...BOOM. 

Love at first sight. 

Parnell then tried to get all "are you sure" on me before I ripped the tags off.  Yes ok.  They are simple, boring, and clean...just like me (most of the time). 

While P was off on the beginning of his bachelor party killing innocent animals last night, I managed to sneak in a sushi dinner date with Erin and Boo.  I haven't had sushi non Central Market sample style in a while so I was pumped.  Erin left baby Hicks at home and we still let her join us because we are sweet like that.

Gah...Boo always gets riceless rolls wrapped in cucumber.  If cucumbers, bananas, and olives stopped like being a thing...I wouldn't cry about it. 

I returned home after some and wine watched the new American Horror Story season opener...while Parnell was out of town...good one.
I meaaaaaan maybe this will be a sleeper like season two.  I wasn't into the last season until like...the last two episodes.  I'm not sure how I feel about this one so I'll give it some Wednesdays. 

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