Last night I ventured out to Allen, Texas to pick up the cutest pup in America, one Mr. Oliver.  The parentals have had him in their possession for a solid week and a half now.  I warn them daily that this is not just a dog sitting gig...human children will one day be added to their list of weekend responsibilities.  I managed to slip in dinner with Wendy while I was on that side of town.  Afterwards we loaded up some wedding gifts that we had shipped to my parents house.  Nothing lights a fire in you to clean, more than new things right?? So...I had to go home and organize the kitchen.  I made it a solid 20 minutes and threw in the towel after I cut myself on dull scissors.  #safetyfirst

I also got started on thank you notes this week.  These are hilarious to me.  What to write...oh what to write.  I attempted to refrained from using words like "beautiful" and "lovely" because let's get real...the gift giver may think they are terrible.  Thank you notes can easily come off like a back handed compliment.  "Oh, you love those BEAUTIFUL dishes??? That YOU picked out???" Great...

Perhaps I will google how to become a legit blogger with first of which will be dinner at our house using all our new gifts.  Based on who you cats forward this blog link to, we could be in for an awkward evening. It'll be fun Parnell...

Oh...and I met Kellie Raspberry...nbd/actually it was a maj deal for me.
I took three deep breaths and forced asked Natalie to snap a shot of us.  I know I know...I look like a stubby dwarf in this picture.  I get it.

Ummmmm and American Horror Story starts tonight! Eek! Nothing has quite gotten me as good as season one (Dillon McDermott or die) but I remain optimistic.

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