Parnell and I were fortunate enough to snag some Mavs tickets from work Monday night.  We decided to make it an official date night and head to The Common Table for dinner and a drink on our way.  I took one look at the menu on the cold (inside the restaurant), rainy Monday and before I even knew what I was saying I had ordered the chicken and dumplings...oops.  #weddingdiet

I will give whoever guesses what P ordered...nothing...because I think we all know what he ordered...

drum roll...

Really switching it up and branching out...

We wrapped up dinner and headed over to the AAC to watch Dirk and some other tall men do their thing. 

I was trying to be good by limiting myself to a cup of popcorn...and then the dang dessert cart came by and crashed all my "good" "diet" dreams. 

That my friends is the Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake.  

Holy pre-children cellulite.

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