Last week we managed to get out to the fair Thursday night with the Platts.  I don't know if it was the rain  Dallas experienced for three days prior or the fact that the fair closed Sunday but Lord was it crowded.  Sara is still not the fastest person in America due to her infamous skiing incident and we had a stroller for Sloane.  Needless to say we weren't exactly "whizzing" through that joint. 

The downside of the crowd?? I did not get to eat as much as I dreamed about...due to the lines we encountered. 

We managed to fit in the following:

Fried Picnic On A Stick  

Fried Jambalaya
*I forgot to take a picture of Fried Butter (what? chunky was excited) and then managed to take this shot before it was completely dominated)

Fried Oreos

Twisted Taters

The Heaviest Wine Pour In America

Oh and this little gem...
Fried Thanksgiving Dinner


Why are we bothering with separate dishes on Thanksgiving?? Throw them all together, batter it and fry it.  


Until next year!

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