This past weekend I sadly missed Jill's baby shower for little miss Lucy who will be hanging out with us in no time.  I was on the other hand able to see the girls/Luke and Hicks Sunday morning over brunch at Bread champagne bottles for my mimosa?? Sold. 

Tamara thought she was all "#1 aunt" but I knew the truth and managed to catch Luke not so into her.


That pumpkin ain't having it...

Speaking of not being into man Hicks was not super into the atmosphere and needed some fresh air.  I volunteered to take him for a spin/basically pretend he was mine.  I feel I probably get the best body response when people think I just had a "wow she looks great...for having JUST had that baby." They don't need to know its not mine and that the bod should look MUCH better seeing as it has never produced a human being.


Natalie came and met me outside the restaurant and offered to form a bit of a mall babysitters club if you will.  I mean yes, we adore Hicks and wanted some bonding time but I would be lying if I didn't tell you that we were actually waiting for Forever 21 to open so we could purchase a cute shirt Erin had on.  While Hicks fussed, we strolled around, took him out of the stroller, put him in the stroller, took him back out of the stroller, bounced him, maybe did some lunges?? Movement was key and soon enough, we had a happy baby and some odd looks from passersby.

Next time you are at NorthPark, make sure you swing by Bread Winners where we will be posted up.  You can pay us in NorthPark gold. 


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